Texas WIC Expanded Fruit and Vegetable Benefits Extended To Nov. 17th

Texas WIC has announced that the expanded fruit and vegetable benefits will be extended through Nov. 17th. 

WIC clients are offered Cash Value Benefits through the WIC program. The extended benefits are:

  • Children get $26 each month 
  • Pregnant, postpartum women get $47 each month 
  • Breastfeeding WIC clients get $52 each month 

According to Texas WIC, all clients who receive benefits on or before November 17 will get the higher amounts for the entire month of November. 

“if you are pregnant and have two children (ages 1-5) receiving WIC, you will get $99 ($47 mom + $26 child + $26 child = $99) each month in October and November to buy fruit and vegetables,” according to the Texas WIC website. “If you already have benefits on your card for October and November contact your local WIC office for a time to update your benefits.” 

If changes are not approved by congress, the fruit and vegetable cash value benefit amount will return to its original levels on Nov. 18th. The original benefit levels are $12 for pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women and $10 for children ages 1 to 5.

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